Inspiration for witches.
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willy wonka golden tickets coming to u soon.

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GoFundMe tattoo goal

I have a very big tattoo on my thigh that I want to be gone. I don’t usually regret tattoos, the look of it is not bad in itself but I can’t stand the cultural appropriation behind it. 
People change and learn, and mature up. I came to realize this tattoo is innapropriate and I am ashamed of it. 
I want to get it covered up. ASAP.
I did not wear shorts the whole summer because of it and it makes me very self conscious and depressed.
I want to make it change for good and embrace the fact that I could move on and actually celebrate my body in a skin I am comfortable with. 

I don’t have much to offer but to email you a picture of the final product to share how much happier I have gotten :)

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Givenchy haute couture S/S 2007


Givenchy haute couture S/S 2007

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Dark Beauty.


Dark Beauty.

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